Getting Your Real Estate License

People asked me all the time how much it cost to get a Real Estate license.  My answer is always:

  1. More than you realize.
  2. But not payable all at one time.
  3. It is a lot less expensive than opening a store front and being in business by yourself.

For a peek at what it looks like, see below. These figures are approximate and can change without notice or prior obligation.


Getting your License - Month 1
Real Estate School ( There are all kinds of schools. $400.00
Cost of PSI test $150.00
Total $550.00


Getting your License - Month 2
Errors & Omissions Insurance ( every 2 years $260.00
*RealTracs MLS Dues (3 months) - paid every quarter $115.00
Board Dues (MTAR or GNAR) - paid annually every December $550.00
Dotloop E-Signature Fee - paid annually $240.00
Business Cards $50.00
Finger Printing $60.00
Sentri Lock Key (to get in houses) - paid annually $120.00
Sentri Lock Charger (to charge your key) ( $35.00
Total $1,450.00
Getting your License - Month 3
Sentri Lock Box (security box for holding keys on homes listed; per box) $115.00
Yard Signs (for listing homes) per sign $80.00
Name tag ( $60.00
Domain Name ( $20.00
Total $275.00