Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, we are there for every agent who needs help or training.  If you are new or just starting out, you will also be assigned a mentor until you have closed 10 homes. We also have a back office site with USABLE documents, checklists, information, videos, buyer payments, formulas, test questions, etc., and Georgia teaches 27 modules on everything needed to have a successful career in real estate.

We can also do virtual training in the cloud. We can meet up with through video chat go over deals, issues, questions, etc.  You can bring your coffee cup and sit in your pajamas if you need to, but this is another opportunity to participate and connect if you want.  No, you don’t have to.

We all need help at some time or another and this is perfectly fine. Aside from “group training”, you can also call Georgia anytime between 6:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday – Friday, or send an email if you need help. Georgia works SEVEN days a week and is in the office everyday Monday – Friday.

No, many agents work better alone without distractions. We have found sometimes the more an agent works away from the office, the more work they get done.

No.  We meet to socialize and catch up with each other. Some Realtors have no interest at all in meeting with everyone else.

Yes, your listing is shown on our website with you as the featured Realtor. In addition, our site is syndicated to NATIONAL websites featuring your listing on each of these sites. All leads are routed directly to you. You will have your own bio, photo and personal information on each of your listings. 

Everything is paperless. Everything is done in the cloud. You will upload your documents, and the system will tell you what is still needed, if anything. Very simple process!

All checks are paid when we receive the title check and all paperwork.

No, there are no hidden fees.  No membership fees, no franchise fees, no development fees, no monthly “Kum-bye-yah” fees. Everything you pay is disclosed here. The only fee you are required to pay Georgia is a $20.00 per month fee for a web presence with lead management, monthly specialty training and an e-signature service.  This fee is $240.00; $20.00 per month, paid annually on March 1st.

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